dociconDoc Wheatley
Doc Wheatley is a man of tremendous leisure. When this crass loudmouth is not screaming at his television because “Coconut Link” won’t jump, you can often find him staring at a wall daydreaming that he has super powers he can use for personal gain. He also looks like Jake Gyllenhaal and the Grimace had a baby.

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Cory Cooke
Cory loves hearing his own voice.

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Ex-Shy Kids

deaniconDean Bottino
As a child, Dean Bottino was raised on a strict diet of anime, video games, and chronic masturbation. It was only through a chance abduction by Parliament’s Mothership (and enough Lexapro to put a bull elephant into a coma) that Dean was able to MacGyver together a personality.
As an adult Dean made the mistake of spending thousands of dollars on an art degree, firmly establishing a life of scraping by. When not doing graphic design, Dean spends his time staring into the middle distance of an unfurnished room lit by a single pendulous uncovered lightbulb.

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